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His voice is husky, monotoned, but clear and not very low. He's generally calm. The way he says a lot of things may seem like Yuuma doesn't care, but it's usually the other way around. His energy is spent more on singing and dueling. He sometimes doesn't use contractions. It may depend on whom he's speaking with.

An added note: Yuuma and his sister can switch their voicebanks between male and female, as demonstrated in this video. He sees nothing wrong with switching voices when necessary. It's how he was built.


He often looks bored, but he's paying attention. Appears whimsical, yet he's rather serious.

While not singing, he studies hard on using the many swords he has, although he usually stick to the one he always carries. He secretly wants to be as good as a certain purple haired singer in terms of sword skills

By the way he dresses, it can seem that Yuuma may not care to be polite, but his clothing is just a way of expressing himself, just as his music is an outlet for him. But he was built for singing. Being fashionable is second nature. He's also a serious person. He doesn't joke much, but most jokes others tell can be understood. Maybe, depending on the joke. Or maybe not.

Although he's crazy about romance (books, movies, music, life) he has trouble finding romance. Yuuma is quite down about it, but he rarely lets it show. Instead, he trains very diligently in surpassing his idol while allowing very little to faze him.


He tends to line face a lot.

Yuuma has a sword collection. He also collects stamps and stationary. One may spot in him a stationary or weapon store quite often.

He can be weird. How weird is yet to be determined.